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Replace the need for siloed solutions such as monitoring and visibility tools, offering one end-to-end solution for your microservice infrastructure needs.


75% Cost Reduction

AI-driven instant cloud optimization platform for Kubernetes applications, tailored for AWS, GCP & Azure.

20 min

20 Min Migration to AWS

Manage your environments with complete visibility. View your environments on dedicated dashboards without using - and paying for! - additional platforms.


Security- World Class

We apply best security practices from day one. Avoid human misconfiguration and prevent unexpected vulnerabilities. Update images and your environment with automatic security updates.

E2E Holistic Microservices Environment

Maintenance & Upgrades

Product Features

The Solution automates cloud microservices infrastructure creation, improves cost management aimed at reduction and visibility, enables CI/CD, centralized logging, monitoring, and troubleshooting by using Kubernetes and serverless technologies

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Cloud Cost Savings

Estimate cloud cost before usage. Control cloud expenses by applying human ownership to cloud environments. Apply cost visibility per cloud environment.


Full CI/CD Pipelines & Support

Customize CI/CD pipelines according to your specific workflows using Jenkins to k8s, serverless, and frontend.


Flexible Microservice Configuration

Include/Exclude K8S, Serverless and Frontend cloud elements.


Centralized Monitoring

Monitor your entire infrastructure and cloud resource component health, performance, and statistics with the K8 dashboard using Grafana.


Microservices Centralized Logging

Get easy access to all your application, infrastructure, and cloud vendor logs with a powerful insight search tool using AWS Cloudwatch insight.



Secure password management using Hashicorp, which integrates with CI/CD to k8s, serverless, and frontend.


IaC Extensions

Bring your own infrastructure with Terraform, Cloudformation, and Helm extensions.


Use Cloud Stop/Start

Don’t pay for what you don’t use! Simloud enables you to turn specific components in your infrastructure on and off, which will cut your vendor bill by 70%.


Open Source Infra-as-a-Code

Change microservices from K8s to Serverless and switch between them with a simple line of code.

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