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Visibility, Monitoring & Recommendations

Complete and detailed visibility to all your cloud usage & cost, backed with AI driven algorithm for cost reduction recommendations.

How it Works?

With an easy onboarding process you will have your cloudproperly organized and easier to manage.
The system continuously monitors your cloud environments and provides near real time performance to track cloud usage &
spend across your organization.

The solution identifies powerful ways to manage costs beyond Resreved Instances/ Savings Plans like scheduled machine termination to migrating workloads across regions. We help you take control of your cloud usage and spend.  


Our solution utilizes proprietary algorithms to enable our users to “dive deep” into Kubernetes and identify at the Node level where under-utilization is occurring.  


We will provide you insights about your Kubernetes clusters and pods.  The multi “Group By” data set selection allows you to group by 

Namespace, Labels, Node, Instance Type, Linked Account and more. By combining the Group By option with powerful Filters you suddenly  

gain a granularity into your Kubernetes that no other platform provides.  


Anomaly detection

Monitor your cloud usage and expenses. Get real-time alerts


Track your total budget in several granularities: monthly, daily, etc. Receive customized alerts on overspending


Multi- Cloud

one platform for monitoring all your cloud billing


Customize dashboards and generate actionable  reports. Manage your cloud costs between products. Applications and organizations.



find out where your wasting “cloud spend” is, with tens of spending sensors, that also measures your efficiency over time. 

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